Mahdi Nayab

Mahdi NAYAB, Petroleum Reservoir Engineer and Geologist, has more than 6 years of experience in domestic and international oil/gas exploration and production operations, management, and petroleum engineering consulting. He was involved in the initial formation of Amu Darya oil/gas Authority, which leads to successful inauguration of first national oil contract in Afghanistan.
Mahdi NAYAB is methodical, analytical and process oriented which has extensive management experience in petroleum geology, production, drilling, reservoir engineering and EOR applications. He worked within many national and international companies such as Total Co., Vermilion Energy and Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s related operators such as CNPC and Turkish Petroleum.
He is currently Technical OIL & GAS Consultant with TARKEEB Consulting Firm and his technical knowledge and passion for innovation in oil and gas technologies such as 3D and 4D seismic, horizontal and multidirectional drilling, reservoir and well data system will provide a unique asset to our firm. Society of Petroleum Engineers Member ID. 4499137 Following is a listing of his education.

M.S. Subterranean Reservoir of Energy, Hydrodynamics, Geophysics and Modeling (Reservoir modeling), University of Lorraine, France 2016
Certified of Resource Sustainable Development and Management, University of Western Australia, 2013
S. Petroleum Geology and Engineering, Kabul Polytechnic University 2011
Certified of Production Sharing and Bid Evaluation Program, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan 2012
Certified of Natural Gas Resources Exploration and Exploitation, MoMP, Afghanistan 2012