Company Overview

“TARKEEB CONSULTING SERVICES” is a leading Business Management & Consulting firm providing unique consulting services in multiple disciplines since its establishment in 2008. TARKEEB’s mission is to assist Donor Agencies, Government Organizations and Private Sector Entities to realize market gap and identify investment opportunities, prepare implementation strategies, address most of critical challenges and transform concepts to active businesses. To achieve its mission, TARKEEB CONSULTING has been engage with its National and International affiliated partners to provide customized solutions and ensure our clients achieve a viable and competitive advantage, build more capable organizations and achieve sustainable results.

Our practical experience during the last 12 years show that how different organizations suffer while dealing with public offices due to lack of professional and legislative services inside Afghanistan which led most of the businesses either to fail and/or fragile growth in competitive market during. Our firm established to address the challenges faced by most of organizations including Donors, NGO’s, Ministries, Government and other national and internal partners which could prevent facing the same issues by implication of professional business practices and strategies.

The word Tarkeeb means “Combination” brings together the unique combination of professional experts with excellent knowledge and decades of experience at National and International levels, enable “TARKEEB CONSULTING SERVICES” to provide professional and quality services with competitive prices under its business divisions.

TARKEEB has strong record of providing quality services to its clients. However our services include but not limited to:

1) Financial Management Services: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Taxation & Payroll, Financial Assessments & Advisory, Planning & Budgeting, Cost & Benefit Analysis, Islamic Banking, Third Party Monitoring.

2) Private Sector Development Services: Business Assessment & Evaluation, Startups & Entrepreneurship Support, Training & Mentoring, Research & Survey, Monitoring & Evaluation, Local Supports & Partnerships, Licensing & Registration, and, Visas & Permits.

3) Energy & Petroleum Consulting Services: Project Economics & Financial Analysis, Petroleum Accounting & Legislation, Contract Administration & Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Technical Advisory and Consultation, Third Party Monitoring & Assessments.

4) Agribusiness Consulting Services: Project Analysis & Design, Contract Administration, Value Chain & Market Linkages, Monitoring & Evaluation, Third Party Evaluation, Technical Advisory and Consultation.

From the beginning of its establishment, the firm started its operation by providing professional and excellent services across the country to different clients including International Development Agencies, Embassies and Donor Organizations, NGOs and NPOs, Public Organizations like Ministries and Independent Bodies, Private Sector Entities (Small to Medium and Large levels).

We are also interested to work with International Organizations by providing professional services including Local Partnership and Office supports which can help them to focus more on development strategies rather than on daily operations and dealing with different public departments in the country which result to save time and consequently money.

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